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US and France responsible for terrorism in Syria
01/06/2012 @ 19:09
: US and France responsible for terrorism in Syria
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Initial Report of Judicial Investigation Committee on al-Houla Massacre: Victims belonged to Peaceful Families who Refused to Stand up against State
Jun 01, 2012
DAMASCUS, SANA - The initial report of the judicial committee investigating al-Houla massacre affirmed that all the victims belonged to peaceful families who wouldn't stand up to the state and had never joined protests or held up arms, who also had opposed the armed terrorist groups.   
The initial findings indicated that the victims were killed by fire at close distance and sharp tools, not by shellfire.   
The initial report added that the armed terrorist groups who gathered in al-Houla liquidated the victims in the process of an attack on the law-enforcement members who hadn't entered the area where the massacre occurred, adding that most of the bodies are of terrorists who were killed in the clash with the law-enforcement members.   
Brigadier General Qassem Jamal Suleiman, head of the investigation committee, said in a press conference at the Foreign Ministry on Thursday that the investigation is in its initial stages and is still underway.   
He added that the investigation committee depended on testimonies of eyewitnesses who saw the massacre happen that can be directly verified, adding that some of them will appear on TVs, indicating that the initial report was based on evidences and facts in relation to the armed attack that targeted the law-enforcement members in the town.   
Gen. Suleiman said that law-enforcement members were positioned at five points in al-Houla, adding that the armed attack was aimed at turning the place into an area outside the state's control.      
Suleiman said that the armed men gathered inside the village after Friday prayers and started an onslaught simultaneously with other gunmen numbered between 600-800 who came from neighboring areas, namely al-Rastan, al-Sa'an, Burjka'I, al-Sam'alin and others, where mortars, machineguns and anti-tank missiles were used, targeting two law-enforcement points as the main target of the attack, one near Taldao and the second near al-Sa'a Roundabout.   
Suleiman said that the terrorist groups came from outside the town and simultaneously liquidated peaceful families during the attack on the law-enforcement members.   
He indicated that the place where the massacre happened is in an area where there are armed terrorist groups, and no law-enforcement members entered the area neither before nor after the massacre, indicating that the area is located far from the law-enforcement members' posts.      
He added that the law-enforcement members hadn't left their positions but defended themselves against the terrorist groups, which can be verified through the victims' images aired by satellite channels, showing that the massacre happened due to close fire and sharp tools, not shellfire as the images showed no signs of mashing, burns or traces of shelling buildings, which means that what happened was direct liquidation.   
Suleiman added that killing children does not serve the law-enforcement members or the state, but serves the armed terrorist groups who seek to incite sedition.   
Gen. Suleiman said that all the victims belonged to peaceful families who wouldn't stand up to the state and had never joined protests or held up arms, who also had opposed the armed terrorist groups, indicating that the terrorist groups aimed to invite foreign and humanitarian intervention.   
Suleiman said that the massacre targeted the relatives of the People's Assembly member Abdul-Moa'ti Mashlab whom they wanted to take revenge of before the events ran contrary to the plan and the massacre extended to slaughter other families.   
He affirmed that the massacre perpetrated by armed terrorist groups is part of the scheme that seeks to give the impression that a civil war is close at hand in Syria as it coincided with the visit of the UN envoy Kofi Annan.   
For his part, Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry, Dr. Jihad Makdissi, said "The report which came after three days is initial and the investigation is still underway as the massacre has political and criminal dimensions. The investigation faces difficulties due to the presence of gunmen in the area.''      
''There are further details that were kept unannounced out of fear for the lives of the eyewitnesses. When the investigation ends, we will put the full conclusions to the international community, the UN Security Council and the UN observer mission,'' added Makdissi.   
Answering a question on whether the international community and the humanitarian and international bodies would be convinced on the findings of the initial investigation, Makdissi said ''It is a complicated matter to identify the international community, as part of the international community is hostile to Syria and has an agenda against it. What we care for is public opinion and the citizens who back the state because the state doesn't commit such crimes and is in a state of self-defense as terrorists are being funded and armed.''   
''It is a heinous crime that was condemned by the Syrian government for which we deny responsibility and stress that the Syrian army can never commit such a crimeThe perpetrators sought to take revenge of a family of one of the People's Assembly members, but events got out of hand and a larger massacre was perpetrated.''   
Makdissi said that neither statements have not accused the Syrian army but hinted at other elements, adding that the Syrian army protects citizens.   
In reply to a question on not engaging the observer mission in the investigation, Makdissi said ''It was the Syrian side who contacted the head of the mission, Robert Mood, who was sent by the Syrian Foreign MinistryThere were gunmen killed in the clash and moved to the village's mosque and filmed for the massacre to appear larger. When the observers arrived, there was a flood of lies aired by media.''      
Makdissi added that the Syrian government was acquitted of other massacres in Karm al-Zaitoun and Deir Baalbeh, adding that clues pertaining to the massacre are revealed.   
''There is diligent work to incite sedition in SyriaThere are 18 sects that have lived in harmony for years and the massacres are aimed at shattering this coexistence, but the Syrian fabric is impervious to sedition attempts,'' added Makdissi.   
Makdissi said that there are sides working day and night to ignite sectarian sedition; even after al-Houla massacre, they tried to attack another village but they did not succeed.   
Makdissi pointed out that the world media focused on some massacres because they belong to a certain sect in Syria, adding that in Syria all Syrians are equal regardless of their sects.   
Concerning Syrian ambassador and diplomats whose mission was ended in some western capitals, Makdissi said, "Ambassadors everywhere work to serve their countries' interests. Recalling or expelling ambassadors is a political decision. We are dissatisfied because we built our diplomatic relations with whom we thought are our partners."   
He added that diplomatic transactions are based on reciprocity; however, Syria will not resort to malicious policies. Syria belives in diplomacy and dialogue as means to solve problems among states.   
Makdissi stressed that about 200 media outlets are working in Syria in addition to 100 accredited media outlets, adding that there are no restrictions on the work of the media.   
Asked about the coordination between the Syrian Investigation Committee and the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) team, Makdissi said the UNSMIS is not an investigation committee; it is tasked with observing and verifying.   
He said, "We are telling the UNSMIS about the results of the investigation; we sent General Robert Mood to the massacre site, and we would like Annan to look at the reality of events in Syria through the eyes of the observers."   
M. Ismael /F.Allafi   
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: 02/06/2012 @ 07:33
Russian Foreign Ministry: Investigations Indicate that al-Houla Massacre Was a Well-Planned Operation Carried out by Gunmen to Thwart Settlement Efforts
Jun 01, 2012
MOSCOW, (SANA) - Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said that the preliminary results of the investigations carried out by the Syrian authorities regarding al-Houla massacre indicate that the crime was a well-planned operation carried out by gunmen to thwart the efforts aiming to settle the crisis politically and to begin a new stage of bloody violence in Syria.

In a statement on Friday, Lukashevich said that the tragedy in al-Houla showcases the results of providing financial support and smuggling advanced weapons to armed groups, sending foreign mercenaries, and   placating extremists of all sorts.

He noted that Russia has often underlined the elements that have a negative impact on the plan of UN envoy to Syria Kofi Annan, first among which the fact that some primary players in the international arena are unwilling to act within the logic of a peaceful settlement, adding that these same players prefer their own agendas and their main point is "changing" the government in Syria.

Lukashevich pointed out that there are some suggestions for confronting the clear threat of a civil war in Syria by threatening with foreign interference and pushing sides in Syria to maintain the conflict, and that there are also those insinuate that Russia is one of the reason for the deterioration of the situation and that its policies hinder the forming of an international coalition and contribute to igniting a civil war, stressing that such policies and views could never lead to good results.
H. Sabbagh         

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: 02/06/2012 @ 12:05
Witnesses to al-Houla Massacre: Massacres Were Carried Out Against Specific Families That Support the Government
Jun 02, 2012

DAMASCUS, SANA - Two witnesses to al-Houla massacre said that the massacres in that area were carried out by armed terrorists who targeted specific families that supported the government and refused to join protests, bear arms or pay money to the terrorists.

The two witnesses, who identities were not disclosed for their protection, said on Friday in interviews with the Syrian TV that the terrorists came from several areas and attacked law-enforcement forces checkpoints simultaneously using advanced wepaons, adding that the images shown on TV channels were of the people murdered by terrorists along with the bodies of the gunmen killed in the initial conflict which were piled with the victims to increase the number of bodies.

The first witness said that he used to accompany the gunmen and knew the details of their work, and that three days before the massacre, the gunmen had been discussing something that would happen on Friday, saying that it was something "special and big."

He said that on Friday May 25th after noon prayers, gunmen showed up near the Clock Roundabout, while a large group headed down the road to al-Sad area which is known as Tripoli road, with the first group beginning to shoot their guns in the air to keep the checkpoint at the roundabout busy and give the impression that they intend to attack it.

The witness said that he joined the second group which consisted of several armed groups from several areas, some he knew and some he didn't, and all of them heavily armed. Then the gunmen opening fire at random at a security detachment in the area, hitting its personnel along with nearby houses and locals.

He said that most of the gunmen didn't know how to handle their weapons, as one was using a PKC machinegun that kicked him back, while another launched an RPG round that hit al-Zakahi house rather than the detachment, killing two civilians.

The witness said that the gunmen's intention was to liquidate a specific family over membership in the People's Assembly and the fact that it's members didn't join protests, support the government, stay out of trouble, and didn't give the gunmen money to buy weapons, adding that there were also personal vendettas and family feuds and the fact that al-Sayed family which was targeted is related to a People's Assembly member, and the gunmen wanted to make this a "present" for becoming a member.

He explained that the group led by one Haitham al-Housan hated al-Sayed family, and that they're killers, not revolutionaries, and their trade is abduction, murder and theft through which they amassed millions, adding that this group didn't even fire at the detachment but rather at the house where Okba al-Sayed, his brother, his sister-in-law and their children were, killing them.

The witness noted that next to al-Sayed house was a house belonging to Nidal Bakkour, the leader of another group, and that the people in that house are still alive while the others were killed, and that the same applies to several houses near the detachment, concluding that the massacre was simply an attack against specific families by the gunmen.

The second witness, a woman, said that Friday May 25th saw a large number of gunmen appearing, many of them strangers not from Teldo area, and that these gunmen began by attacking a security checkpoint with a mortar round fired by a man named Saiid Fayez al-Okesh which the law-enforcement personnel noticed, prompting them to shoot him and the leg, and then he was rushed to a field hospital in Kafer Laha.

She said that the gunmen then opened heavy fire on the checkpoint, with other groups communicating with them through wireless devices, with talk indicating that they were simply distracting the law-enforcement forces at the checkpoint, adding that she heard them referring to specific groups by the areas they came from such as Tal Dahab, Aqrab and al-Rastan.

The witness said the groups attacked checkpoints in the area simultaneously at around 1:30, with many law-enforcement personnel dying as the gunmen kept attacking for nearly three hours, and that after taking over the checkpoint they stole the weapons and ammo which was in it and began distributing them among themselves, then immediately set fire to the checkpoint along with the nearby hospital and the woods behind it.

She said that one of the gunmen was Haitham al-Hallaq who led a group of around 200 and carried a cleaver along with his firearm, and that his group is notorious for theft and abduction, noting that this group joined groups from outside the area and headed to al-Sad road, adding that she later around 7 they learned that the gunmen attacked the detachment and committed the massacre in al-Sad.

The witness said that at around 8, the gunmen had finished transporting their victims to al-Ram Mosque north of the area, and then they brought cars and used them to move around the area.

She said that the victims belong to the family of al-Sayed, with Muawiya al-Sayed being a police officer who didn't defect and was always in danger, along with two other al-Sayed households who are related to Meshleb al-Sayed who recently became Secretary of the People's Assembly.

The witness added that another family that was targeted is Abdelrazzaq family which consists of four household and supports the government, noting that the houses belong to al-Sayed family are located next to the houses of gunmen and their relatives, wondering how the gunmen's children weren't killed if the attack had been perpetrated by "Shabiha" as some claim?

She added that another family that was untouched is that of Faour, and that all the members of this family are armed and one of whom acts as a cameraman for al-Jazeera, wondering how none of these people died when their houses were full at the time of the massacre.

The witness concluded by saying that the large number of bodies which they dragged out before the observers to pass as victims of artillery bombardments included the bodies of gunmen along with the families that were murdered.

H. Sabbagh   
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: 02/06/2012 @ 12:25
Blaming Syrian govt. for Houla killings, another Western falsity
The recent Houla massacre in Syria is yet another Western lie similar to other such deceptions in Vietnam, Iraq and Libya, says an analyst.         
The comment comes as on May 25, over 100 civilians were killed in a massacre in the western Syrian town of Houla.         
Damascus has strongly denied any involvement in the bloodshed and blamed armed terrorist groups for violence across the country as part of a plan to ignite a civil war.         
About 260 UN observers are currently monitoring an internationally-brokered ceasefire in Syria, which was part of a six-point peace plan proposed by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan in March.         
As part of reforms by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad last year, a new law was issued, allowing parties to be established.         
Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March 2011. The violence has claimed many lives, including many security forces.         
Damascus blames outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorist groups for the unrest, asserting that it is being orchestrated from abroad.         
Press TV has conducted an interview with political analyst and film maker Sukant Chandan, to further discuss the issue.         
The video also offers the opinions of two additional guests: political commentator Hisham Safieddine and Jeff Steinberg with the Executive Intelligence Review.         
What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.            
Press TV: Do you think the peace plan has failed in efforts to end the unrest? If so what needs to be done to see Anans peace plan implemented successfully?         
Chandan: The peace plan has failed because sections of the opposition which are armed are continuing with the strategy that they see best which is going to fulfill their aims, which is, one developing an armed struggle against the Syrian state and two which is developing this armed struggle and relying on allies which they think is going to deliver their strategic objectives which are the Gulf regimes and on the other hand is the NATO countries.         
The thing about the Houla massacre- its a lie and have we forgotten about the lies which the West come out with, the 45-minute lie about Iraq, going back to the Vietnam war, the Gulf of Tonkin lie about that, going back to 9/11, Afghanistan having to do with 9/11 when most of the 9/11 attackers were from Saudi Arabia, with Libya, with Gaddafi, they said Gaddafi bombed people from the air- it was a lie; they said Gaddafi fled to Venezuela- it was a lie.         
So all that was happening in Libya was actually what Gaddafi was saying and what came to pass and similarly with the Houla massacre- its a lie on the part of NATO and the allies in the region and what purpose does it serve? It serves several purposes first its basically; I mean the over-arching strategy with this fake massacre attributed to the Syrian army is to justify the ratcheting up of the war effort, thats the NATO war effort against the Syrian state.         
So its a justification for Mr. Hollande and all these the other guys to expel Syrian ambassadors and then all these ratcheted up war rhetoric to come out and unfortunately we have a situation where in the West our anti-war leadership are falling for these lies so people like [Press TV host] Yvonne Ridley, [British Pakistani Muslim] Moazzam Begg , (Stop the War Coalitions) John Reese, (convener of the Stop the War Coalition) Lindsey German and others who I thought were anti-racism, anti-imperialist are falling straight into line with the imperialist foreign policy in relation to Libya before and in relation to Syria now.         
So really this is- a battle is going on, not only a battle for Syria and Syrian independence but a battle for the resistance and for the peoples of the region.         
Our brother in Beirut seems to be sympathizing with the opposition and playing this kind of neutral party between the Syrian state and NATO, you cannot have a neutral party when you have the biggest war machine in the world planning and instigating civil strife and planning a war against a small Arab state and the brother from Beirut should be aware that the disaster which is befalling Syria, the same disaster is going to befall his people in Lebanon and he is seeing this development happen so why is he not aware of it.         
And really all of us have to stay really vigilant because although it seems that the Syrians have some breathing space its clear that especially with the financial crisis with Greece maybe leaving the eurozone which is going to probably send the whole world financially into greater crisis that the empire are going to turn even more crazy than they are and they will definitely go to war with Iran and they cannot go to war with Iran without knocking out Syria, Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance and it seems that they have been successful so far in that process.         
Press TV: The US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has criticized Russias policy in Syria, she surprisingly said Moscows opposition to UN action could drag Syria into civil war but its the US and its allies that are arming the opposition. How do you perceive this contradiction?         
Chandan: Absolutely Russia and china, particularly Russia is the only main bulwark in the world in their own words against the continuing expansion of fascism which is Western-sponsored obviously.         
Listen, this concept of intervention, perhaps there is a misunderstanding of what the West is actually about because the West or imperialism or the white man or the white power structure whatever you want to call it, they dont just go to war overtly, theyre at war constantly, all the time and there has been intervention in Syria since the first weeks of the opposition movement a year ago just like the SAS were on the ground in Benghazi in the first weeks of the Libyan uprising and on the first week they were lynching blacks which still people want to act like it didnt happen then, its still not happening now- it is happening now.         
So if you look at the nature of the Houla massacre and if you know who the former US ambassador to Syria was and who he worked under, he worked under the master mind of- excuse the expression- but the black operations and the massacres that the CIA instigated in Latin America.         
Did the Americans overtly invade Guatemala or El Salvador, etc. in Latin America in the seventies, eighties? No they didnt. But were they an absolutely integral and fundamental part of the intervention and the massacres that took place? Yes, they were.         
And similarly this case in Syria, who in the Middle East North African region are notorious for beheading and slitting throats? We all know who they are, they are the brown skin mercenaries of the NATO countries which NATO has brought to power in Libya and NATO wants to bring to power in Syria.         
So this is what were faced with and really the only way to really counter this, cause Syria is descending slowly deeper and deeper into this tragic and horrible morass, which like I said before is visiting Lebanon increasingly.         
And arguably the Palestinian revolution has been neutralized through this nonsense called the Arab Spring. So really the only way our side that is the side of global south independence against US hegemony and Western hegemony can really defend ourselves now, is to go on the offensive.         
We need to go on some kind of offensive as soon as possible. If we are to save Syria, because otherwise we are faced with a sliding disaster in the Syrian context and in Lebanon luckily with Lebanon we have a resistance movement, Hezbollah...         
Press TV   
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: 03/06/2012 @ 21:44
Syria, al-Houla, what really happened

The video that we propose, was first published by the so-called Syrian opposition, who would have us believe that this is a protest against the government of Damascus, and the Syrian soldiers were attacking the protesters.

But if you really pay attention, between the min. 1:18 and the min. 1:54 are clearly seen, between those injured by gunfire, some of which have the regular Syrian flag, the patriotic black-white-red, raised or shoulders, while at the min. 2:50 / min. 2:54 you can see even one of the protesters with a hat/bandana with the colors of the patriotic Syrian flag (red-white-black).

Then it is clear that this was not a protest against the government of Damascus, but a manifestation of the patriots in support of the government of Bashar al-Assad, like many who we have witnessed and participated in Syria.

So, in conclusion, who fired on the crowd was not the army of Damascus, but the terrorists / mercenaries Salafis / Wahhabis, who would then staged and executed the massacre that has caused over 110 deaths among the population.
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: 05/06/2012 @ 19:18
Jabhat al-Nasra announces responsibility for killing 13 citizens in Deir Ezzor
Jun 04, 2012

BEIRUT, SANA - An extremist terrorist group calling itself "Jabhat al-Nasra" announced in a statement posted on its website Monday its responsibility of killing 13 citizens in Deir Ezzor last week.   

The competent authorities last Tuesday discovered the bodies of 13 citizens in Deir Ezzor with their hands bounded to their back, transferring them to the military Hospital in the city in the presence of international observers.   

Jabhat al-Nasra or "al-Nasra Front" announced responsibility for a series of explosions in Damascus, the latest of which was the terrorist blast of al-Kazzaz.   

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: 07/06/2012 @ 09:14
The Houla affair highlights Western intelligence gap in Syria

by Thierry Meyssan

Given that the West is never wrong, it is unlikely it will acknowledge its errors over the Houla massacre. What matters, however, is not whether or not it will rectify the false image portrayed by its propaganda on Syria, but the way in which the balance of power between NATO and SCO is changing. For the Houla affair shows that the West is incapable of knowing the situation on the ground, whereas Russian military intelligence is privy to exactly what is happening.

108 bodies were laid out by the Free Syrian Army [1] in a mosque in Houla. According to the rebels, these were the remains of civilians massacred on 25 May 2012 by pro-government militia known as Shabbihas.

The Syrian government appeared completely shocked by the news. It immediately condemned the killings, which it attributed to the armed opposition.

While the national news agency, SANA, was unable to provide details with certainty, the Syrian Catholic news agency, Vox Clamantis, immediately issued a testimony of some of the events formally accusing the opposition [2]. Five days later, the Russian news channel Rossiya 24 (ex Vesti) aired a very detailed 45-minute report, which remains to date the most comprehensive public inquiry [3].

The West and Gulf States who are working towards a "regime change" in Syria and have already recognized the opposition as a privileged interlocutor, have adopted the FSAs version of events without waiting for the report from the United Nations Supervision Mission (UNSMIS). As a sanction, most of them have resorted to a prearranged measure, namely the expulsion of Syrian ambassadors to their respective countries. This does not represent a rupture of diplomatic relations, as the rest of the accredited Syrian diplomatic personnel will remain stationed where they are.

The United Nations Security Council adopted a presidential statement condemning the massacre without indicating who was responsible. It furthermore reminded the Syrian government of its responsibilities, namely the protection of its people using proportionate measures, thats to say without the use of heavy weapons [4].

Contrary to this, the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay endorsed the allegations blaming the Syrian authorities, and demanded that the case be transferred to the International Criminal Court.

French President François Hollande and his Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius have announced their intention to convince Russia and China not to obstruct a future Security Councils resolution authorizing the use of force, while the French press is accusing Russia and China of protecting a criminal regime.

Responding to these charges, Russias First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrey Denissov expressed regret over Frances basically emotional reaction devoid of analysis. He reiterated that the steadfast position of his country, in this case as for others, is not to support governments, but peoples (it being understood that the Syrian people elected President al-Assad at the last constitutional referendum).

The United Nations Supervision Mission went to Damascus at the request of the Syrian government. It was received by the opposition who control this zone, and was able to establish various observations to be used in writing its status report. At an internal press briefing, the President of the Syrian investigation Commission into the massacre read a brief statement revealing the initial elements of the current investigation. According to him, the massacre was carried out by the opposition as part of an FSA military operation in the area.

Aware that the findings of the UN Supervision Mission report may backfire on them, the Western countries requested that the Human Rights Council in Geneva (which is under their control) set up another investigation Commission. A report from this body could be produced quickly in order to impose a version of events before the Supervision Mission is able to draw its own conclusions.

How can we know what happened in Houla?

Two main factors are impeding the work of investigators. The Syrian government lost control of Houla many weeks ago. Syrian magistrates are therefore unable to go to Houla, and even if some journalists are able to do so, this is only with the permission of and under close surveillance by the FSA. There is however one exception: a team from Rossiya 24, the 24-hour Russian news channel was able to move around the area without an escort, and produce an exceptionally detailed report.

The official Syrian Commission claims to have collected several witness statements, but has declared that these shall only be presented to the press once the final report has been established. At present, the identity of these witnesses remains protected by investigation secrecy. However, several of the accounts were broadcast on public television on 1st June.

The investigators are also in possession of videos provided exclusively by the FSA.

Lastly, since the FSA amassed the bodies in a mosque and began burying them the very next day, it was not possible for UN observers to carry out forensic assessments on many of the dead.

Voltaire Network s conclusions

Houla is not a town, but an administrative area made up of three villages, each with about 25,000 residents but which today lie largely abandoned. The Sunni market town of Tal Daw has been under rebel control for many weeks. The Free "Syrian" Army had imposed its rule there. The national Army was securing transport routes by maintaining several posts on roads within the area, but did not venture beyond these roads.

Certain individuals kidnapped children and attempted unsuccessfully to extort ransoms. [5] In the end, these children were killed a few days before the Houla massacre, but their bodies were brought by the Free "Syrian" Army to be laid out amongst the others.

In the evening of 24 May, the Free "Syrian" Army launched a very large-scale operation to reinforce its control over the region, and to make Tal Daw its new base. In order to do this, 600-800 combatants from various districts gathered in Rastan and Saan and proceeded to launch simultaneous attacks on the military bases. At the same time, a team was fortifying Tal Daw by installing five anti-tank missile batteries, and purging the town of some of its inhabitants.

The first victims in Tel Daw were a dozen people related to Abd al-Muty Mashlab a legislator of the recently elected Baas party who was appointed Secretary of the National Assembly; following this, the family of a senior official Mouawyya al-Sayyed was killed. Subsequent targets were families of Sunni origin who had converted to Shiite Islam. Other victims included the family of two journalists for Top News and New Orient News, press agencies associated with Voltaire Network. Many people, including children, were raped before being killed.

With only one of the Armys bases having fallen, the assailants changed strategy. They transformed a military defeat into a communication operation, attacking the al-Watani hospital and setting fire to it. They took corpses from the hospital morgue and transported them along with those of other victims to the mosque, where the bodies were filmed.

The theory of a single massacre perpetrated by pro-government militia does not stand up to the facts. There were battles which took place between loyalists and rebels, as well as several massacres of pro-government civilians at the hands of the rebels. Then, a scenario was staged by the Free "Syrian" Army where corpses originating from these various earlier situations were mixed together.

Indeed, the existence of the "Shabbihas" is a myth. Whilst there are certainly individuals in favour of the government who are armed and capable of committing acts of revenge, there is no structure or organized group that could be termed as a pro-government militia.

Political and diplomatic implications

Lamia Chakkour, Syrian Ambassador to France.

The expulsion of Syrian ambassadors by Western countries is a measure that was planned well in advance and therefore well-coordinated. Westerners were waiting for a massacre of this type before carrying out this action. They ignored numerous previous massacres that they knew had been perpetrated by the Free "Syrian" Army, and seized on this one believing that it had been committed by pro-government militia.

The idea of a coordinated expulsion did not emanate from Paris, rather from Washington. Paris in principle gave its agreement, without having examined the legal implications. For in practice, Lamia Chakkour is also the Syrian Ambassador to UNESCO, and cannot therefore (according to the terms of the accord de sie'ge) be expelled from French territory. Further to this, even if she were not accredited to UNESCO, her French-Syrian dual nationality means that she cannot be expelled from French territory.

These expulsions were coordinated by Washington to create the illusion of a general movement in order to put pressure on Russia. Indeed, the US is looking to test the new international balance of power, to size up Russias reactions and to find out how far they will go.

The choice of the Houla affair, however, has been a tactical error. Washington seized upon the affair without checking the details, thinking that nobody would be able to verify it. This was forgetting that Russia has moved into the country with over 100,000 Russians currently residing in Syria. Of course, they did not deploy a high-tech anti-aircraft defense system just to discourage NATO from bombarding Syria; they also set up information bases including troops that are able to move around rebel controlled areas. In this way, Moscow was able to shed light on the facts within a few days. Their specialists succeeded in identifying the 13 members of the FSA guilty of these killings and gave their names to the Syrian authorities. With this, not only did Moscow not waver, it has hardened its stance.

For Vladimir Putin, the fact that the West wanted to make the Houla massacre into their symbol shows that they are out of touch with the reality on the ground. Having withdrawn the officers in charge of the Free "Syrian" Army, the only information available to the West comes from their drones and satellites observing what is happening. They have become vulnerable to the lies and vaunting of the mercenaries they have deployed on the terrain.

For Moscow, this massacre is just another tragedy like many others that Syrians have been enduring for the last year. But hasty instrumentation on the part of the West shows that they have failed to develop a new collective strategy since the fall of the Islamic district of Baba Amr. In essence, they are but acting on guesswork, which is allowing others to gain the upper-hand.

Thierry Meyssan

Translated from French by Katy Stone.

[1] Voltaire Network has chosen to write FSA with Syrian in inverted commas to indicate that this militia is largely composed of foreigners, and that its commander is not Syrian.

[2] "Irreversible divisons in Syria," VoxClamantis, 26 May 2012.

[3] Global Research translated to English the transcript of extracts from this programme, see "Opposition Terrorists Killed Families Loyal to the Government, Voltaire Network 1 June 2012.

[4] Syria: What the Security Council Said, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 6 June 2012.

[5] This is currently a security problem in the country. Many of the thugs that had been recruited to swell the ranks of the Free "Syrian" Army were demobilized due to lack of funding. Remaining in the possession of arms provided by the West, they are turning to crime - mainly kidnappings for ransom.
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: 09/06/2012 @ 15:00
Disinformation against Syria is criminal
Most mass media accuses the Syrian government for the crimes of more than 90 groups that have assassinated opponents. They are based in London or Paris - and pointed to by some observers sent by the United Nations, but none of them consulted the authorities of that country.      
Nor did they echo of serious complaints registered about the crimes and massacres carried out by mercenaries who are the Special Forces of the great powers seeping across borders with Syria.   
"This means they keep on torturing the audience that still remains for them, telling the eternal tale of bombings and massacres by the Syrian army on civilians" the Swiss investigative journalist, Silvia Cattori   recently wrote - reporting among other cases, the non-existence of an alleged bombing by the Syrian government on March 23, 2012 that the press of the hegemonic powers described as "a deluge of fire in an incommunicado city."   
Cattori, known internationally for her analyses and reports, such as demonstrating that Guantanamo was a sophisticated laboratory of tortures and human experimentation, reports that the French media did a description of a non-existent bombing of Homs.   
However witnesses she consulted were accurate and precise: "We did not hear any noise. There was no bombing today (March 23rd).   
"Everything is calm. I went out to see my friends. Homs is not without communications, all roads are open. We're safe. The army did not bomb. These are self-styled militias, the "Free Syrian army" who attack the military or police and kill civilians. Even today, a soldier was killed. I know because he lived in my neighborhood," said an inhabitant of the place.   
Another resident reported after the Syrian army was able to dislodge the militias (armed gangs) and take over, "We returned to our homes in neighborhoods that were nearly empty. Insecurity continues in three districts, especially in Khaldiyeh, where the national army continues to pursue the militias that keep many families as hostages. My uncle who had been kidnapped two months ago returned home yesterday very ill, very tired, but very lucky considering. He's in the hospital. Many other kidnapped people have not returned and the families have no news of them."   
This statement mentions one of the most dramatic subjects because of the amount of people, including families, which the aggressors kidnapped and brought with them.   
Days before, Silvia Cattori interviewed another resident, a Syrian man 75 years of age who lives in a village in the province of Homs: "What happens here is all the opposite of what they say in their country. I beg your pardon ma'am. Our soldiers are not mercenaries. They are the sons of the people, all mixed religions. They are my brother, my son, my uncle. This is our army. It is impossible for the children to deliberately kill their parents. Our soldiers have faced for many months mercenaries paid by foreign funds to commit their murders. "   
Another report: "The massacre of women and children in the neighborhoods of Al-Karm al-Zeitoun and Adawiye' was committed by them, and then they accuse government forces. There are two tests: the inhabitants of the neighborhoods of Bab Sebaa, Nazihine and Nazha recognized among the victims of this massacre some relatives kidnapped by which the mercenaries had sought ransom for.   
I can speak of another massacre that our soldiers discovered (10th of March) in the neighborhood of Shomari, near Baba Amro (one of the connate Islamic emirates that was dismantled). My father had Muslim friends in Shomari. I have visited them many times with him. A few days ago, a young man called at my door and said: 'I am the son of the friend of your father.' I will tell you what he told me: all the men in our neighborhood were forced by the militia (mercenaries) from Amro Baba to take weapons and use them against the regime. They told us that those who refused would be beheaded. My father, my brothers and I then took the guns."   
"After taking Baba Amro, March 1st, when the government called on them to lay down their guns, my father, my brothers and I left them. On March 10th, when we settled in Shomari, many men were found beheaded. I recognized among the bodies my father and two brothers."   
"The militia had slit the throats of all the men who had laid down their arms. I ran quickly to the soldiers and asked them to protect me and take me to their home."   
Regarding these and a number of testimonies and statements, that were given to truly independent researchers and journalists, not the UN or the International Criminal Court said anything about them.   
"In mid-January, the journalist Dominic Robertson was in Syria and the authorities gave him free access to conflict-affected areas in Damascus and Homs where he was on the day an armed group attacked a delegation of foreign journalists and killed a French reporter, Gilles Jacquier, attached to the intelligence services, and wounded 25 others in the neighborhood Ekrima.   
He was a direct witness to that crime.   
"The falsification of the terrorist attacks can   be added to the systematic falsification of attacks by government forces against the civilian population that the U.S. network has been conducting since the beginning of the conflict. In recent days, we have another example of media falsification orchestrated by citizen journalists who try to falsely pass off terrorists as 'peaceful activists'."   
One of the favorite figures of the fake "citizen journalists" (who promotes the association AVAAZ funded by George Soros as Fernando Casar denounced in an article) is Danny Dayem. This agitator said that the town of Al-Khalidiyeh, in Homs, was being bombarded by forces of the Syrian army, but a recording was spread that questioned his veracity.   That very Dayem appears coordinating the sound effects of gunfire and bombing with his team to attach to the "video reports."   Lights, camera, action!!!!   
Faced with the criticisms raised in some circles that the U.S. is manufacturing evidence, "CNN was forced to conduct an interview with Dayem, who was then presented as an 'activist' (American Orwellian term for terrorist), and not as a journalist on their staff. They proceeded to delete his picture, that was taken with the team of this service that was operating clandestinely in Homs."   
"The truth is" - the report notes, "that this 22 year old Briton appeared ubiquitously in the major Western and Arab media including CNN, BBC, Sky News, Al Hiwar, the Guardian, etc.. besides those financed by Saudi Arabia, such as Al Arabiya, giving the image of the peaceful revolution defeated by the Syrian regime."   
A recent report reveals in detail numerous inconsistencies of his statements and character (Dayem) that are manufactured. (Posted on 5/12/11 at Purificacio'n Gonza'lez de la Blanca citing Mamen Garcia Carrio'n Eye for Peace).   
According to history professor, Pierre Piccinin, an Italian who was in Syria several times: "The events in this country are an extreme case of media disinformation, perhaps more than the Gulf War of 1991, including the war in Yugoslavia, in 1990, or Iraq 2003, or the intervention in Libya in 2011. "   
On April 3, 2012, the Berlin magazine Der Spiegel published a report sent by their correspondent in Beirut, Onrika Potts, who interviewed one of the mercenaries who served in Syria with the last name of Hussein, who had fled that country to Tripoli, and whose "work" consisted of "massacring" civilians and military personnel of the Syrian people who had been abducted by armed groups.   
Hussein acknowledged that after the first murder he committed with a knife, he began to join the gang called the Funeral, whose mission was named after the action of the gang in charge of interrogation and kidnapping civilians and military and torturing them. He also said that a third gang had the job of burying those killed in mass graves, "something very similar to what they did in Libya."   
He also reported that "20 percent of the hostages were killed with knives." According to what the journalist wrote, Potts, the nickname of Hussein, said he had beheaded "only four people and killed many others with a PKC type machine gun."   
Another of these terrible confessions was someone in charge of the terrorist, Abu Rami Rafik Hussein, "who admitted that since last summer, his gang shot and killed 150 people, and that the Funeral gang where he worked with another Hussein, killed between 200 and 250 people since the beginning of the actions in Syria."   
The members of terrorist groups interviewed by the co-head of Der Spiegel, acknowledged having started their criminal acts "from August of last year, trying to instill terror and create chaos in peaceful Syrian cities, armed and financed by Arab and Western countries."   
The reporter found that the crimes of armed terrorist groups in Homs are serious human rights abuses carried out by Syrian insurgents "on which no one speaks." (Sections of the report translated and written by Eba Khattar in the publication Der Spiegel, badly misquoted by some press agencies).   
The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) concluded (April 3, 2012) that after the facts had been revealed, along with all documentation of the merciless atrocities and crimes perpetrated by armed terrorist groups in Syria, and recognition of international organizations that these groups commit crimes against humanity, that "the terrorists abandon their hideouts proud to boast of their lurid acts committed in pursuance of Western regional and Arab agendas, designed to whip Syria and its people."   
The statements and testimonies of the facts regarding the crimes committed by mercenaries and their leaders occupy hundreds of pages, and all journalists have access to them. Therefore the silence of the media makes them complicit in these crimes against humanity.   
Prensa Latina   
Translated from the Portuguese version by:                     
Lisa Karpova, Pravda.Ru   
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: 11/06/2012 @ 21:27
Insurgents Named Responsible for Syrian Massacres

posted Monday, June 11, 2012 12:13 AM

by Stephen Lendman

A Syrian documentary aired on June 9, and a June 7 report by Germany's leading broadsheet provide more evidence. Both refutes Western and scoundrel media misinformation. More on the latter below.
On May 10, suburban Damascus suicide bombings killed 55 and injured hundreds. The attack happened near Syria's military intelligence complex. Children were killed. So were drivers and others heading for work.
At the time, SANA state media said rescue workers collected "15 bags of limbs and torn-off body parts" from the scene. The blasts also destroyed 105 cars.   
Western reports spuriously blamed Assad. He had nothing to do with it, other insurgent massacres, daily attacks, targeted assassinations, and Western-sponsored terrorism.
On June 10, SANA state media's documentary discussed the Damascus incident. It pointed fingers the right way. It named Western-recruited Jabhet al-Nasra terrorists responsible. They also carried out earlier attacks.
Jordanian terrorist Abu Musaab, Syrian Mohammad Ali Ghazi, and an Iraqi called Marwan "supervised the operation." Others involved included "Mohammad Ahmad Kamaleddin, a Syrian from Serghaya, Yasser, another Syrian, and an Iraqi known as Allawi."
Testimonies were aired. Medical student Abdullah said the Yousef al-Hajer terrorist organization recruited him to participate. He met Iraqi insurgents involved. They were affiliated with Al Qaeda.
Abdullah was enlisted to help make explosives. He didn't know for what purpose. He said Jabhet al-Nasra is active throughout Syria. It works cooperatively with Free Syrian Army elements. Their mission is violence and destruction to destabilize Syria and oust Assad.
Recruits were deceived to go along.
On air footage also showed al-Qassa'a security camera evidence. "(F)our booby-trapped cars....targeted al-Jamarek, Kafarsousseh, al-Qassa'a and the Criminal Security Department in al-Jamark."
"The documentary showed that the terrorist AbdulSalam Awwad al-Ali al-Hayyawi, nicknamed Abu Omar al-Shami from Deir Ezzor,23 years old, was the one who carried out al-Midan terrorist bombing using a 30-kg explosive-laden belt on April 27th."
It also "revealed that the explosives used in the terrorist bombings were manufactured at a blacksmith shop in Akraba, owned by the terrorist Said Mahmoud Hamada,36 years old, nicknamed Abu Salah, who was a senior member of Jabhet al-Nasra. He recruited an Iraqi explosives' expert called Taha."
On June 7, the Frankfurther Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) published an article titled "Again massacres in Syria." The English translation was choppy. Nonetheless, it pointed fingers the right way.
Anti-Assad elements were interviewed. They claimed responsibility. FAZ kept their names confidential. At issue is potential reprisals.   
It said most Qubeir victims "were of a family. While the rebels accused the regime militias of murder, the state television made a 'terrorist group' responsible for the massacre."
It replicated Houla May 25 killings. "(C)redible witnesses" "reconstruct(ed)" events. They refuted Western and Assad opposition element claims.
"(I)nsurgents attacked the three roadside inspections of the Syrian army" near Houla. They're responsible for protecting villages.
"Rebels (got a) 300-million-dollar fund." An "expatriate" Doha-based "businessman" supplied it. "Mustafa Sabbagh, president of the Syrian Business Forum in exile, presented the fund."   
"Wael Mirza, Secretary General of the Syrian opposition National Council, said half" the amount was spent "and partly flowed to the Free Syrian Army."
In Houla area fighting, "three villages....were sealed off from the outside world."
"According to the eyewitnesses to the massacre," those killed "almost exclusively" were pro-Assad Alawite family members. Several dozen members of one family were slaughtered.
"Killed were also members of the Alawite family Shomaliya and the family of a Sunni member of parliament, because (he) was considered" pro-Assad.
The National Review calls itself "America's most widely read and influential magazine and web site for conservative news, commentary, and opinion."
On June 9, it headlined "Report: Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre," saying:
"FAZ's new report blamed Houla killings on "anti-Assad Sunni militants, and the bulk of the victims were members of the Alawi(te) and Shia minorities, which have been largely supportive of Assad."
The massacre followed insurgent/Syrian army clashes. Anti-Assad elements initiated them. Dozens were killed on both sides. Fighting raged for 90 minutes.   
It was a diversion. Eyewitnesses said Houla killings occurred at the same time. Pro-Assad loyalists were targeted.   
Russian journalist Marat Musin revealed the same thing. Based on firsthand observations and eyewitness testimonies, he refuted Western misinformation and lies.
Western-enlisted death squads bear full responsibility. Government forces and/or so-called pro-Assad shabbiha had no involvement.   
FAZ's account said the same thing. Qara, Syria Monastery of St. James members collected their own eyewitness testimonies. They confirmed what Marat and FAZ reported.
The National Review said:
"According to monastery sources cited by the Dutch Middle East expert Martin Janssen, armed rebels murdered 'entire Alawi(te) families' in the village of Taldo in the Houla region."
In early April, Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix warned about rebel atrocities "being repackaged in both Arab and Western media accounts as regime atrocities."
She cited a Homs massacre. According to a monastery web site account (published in French), "rebels gathered Christian and Alawi(te) hostages in a building in Khalidiya and blew (it up) with dynamite."
They blamed Assad. Mother Agnes-Mariam said:
"Even though this act has been attributed to regular army forces....the evidence and testimony are irrefutable: It was an operation undertaken by armed groups affiliated with the opposition."
These accounts and other credible evidence point fingers the right way. Western-enlisted death squads bear full responsibility for months of Syrian killings and overall violence. Assad had nothing to do with them. Nonetheless, he's wrongly blamed.
Fabricated accounts substitute for truth and full disclosure. Public support is enlisted for war. Western profiteers want it. Pentagon officials say they're ready.
Joint Chiefs head General Martin Dempsey appears often on Fox News. Claiming Assad atrocities, he threatens military action. So do Obama officials. Media scoundrels promote it. Top UN officials regurgitate it.   
Former Secretary-General Kofi Annan and current one, Ban Ki-moon, are trusted imperial tools. Annan's so-called peace plan is sham cover for what's planned.   
He and Ban hold Assad responsible "for grave violations of human rights and international humanitarian law."
Ban said his government "lost all legitimacy. The trail of blood leads" directly to him and close associates. Culpability is ignored. Victims are blamed, not perpetrators.   
The "trail of blood leads" to Washington, not Damascus. Ban reports in for orders. His comments sound pre-scripted. Obama speech writers likely wrote them. Dutifully he repeats him.   
Like conspiratorial administration officials, he bears direct responsibility for months of Western-instigated violence. He's equally culpable. He's guilty of crimes of war and against humanity.   
How many more will die before bloodshed ends? How great a body count is tolerable? Is Syria in ruins acceptable? Are wars without end defensible? Perhaps nuclear weapons are planned for the next one.
Einstein and Bertrand Russell once thought using them was unthinkable. Both forthrightly opposed war. Russell once said:
"Here, then, is the problem which we present to you, stark and dreadful and inescapable: Shall we put an end to the human race, or shall mankind renounce war?"
Einstein put it another way, saying:   
"I know not what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

Leaders with these views are sorely lacking. America had none in modern times. World peace hangs in the balance. So does human survival.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at   

His new book is titled "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War"

Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.      

Stephen Lendman
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: 12/06/2012 @ 09:37
Turkish MP: Erdogan Backs Terrorist Attacks in Syria through CIA
Jun 11, 2012

ANKARA, SANA - Turkish Republican People's Party MP Rafiq Irlmaz stressed on Monday that Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan is backing secret operations perpetrated by the USA in Syria through the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In a statement to a Turkish newspaper, Irlmaz said that the USA has escalated terrorist attacks which caused the killing of hundreds of innocent Syrian people, pointing out that Erdogan is wagering on the perpetrators of terrorist attacks in Syria.
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: 13/06/2012 @ 19:02

Posted on June 13, 2012

Chris Marsden

The May 25 Houla massacre was perpetrated by opposition forces aligned with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), according to Germanys Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The report refutes the official account by the United States and other major powers and presented uncritically by the media. The massacre was attributed to pro-government forces and used to step up the propaganda offensive for military intervention against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Without providing any serious evidence, the US and its allies claimed that either the Syrian Army or pro-government Shabiha militas carried out the mass killing of over 100 people.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on June 7 published a report from Damascus by Rainer Hermann, who based his article on investigations by oppositionists who visited the area and took eye-witness testimony. They largely confirm the account of the events in Houla given by the Assad government.

Their findings contradict allegations of the rebels, who had blamed the Shabiha militias which are close to the regime, Hermann wrote, adding, As oppositionists rejecting the use of force have been killed or at least threatened lately, the oppositionists did not want to see their names mentioned.

The massacre took place after Friday prayers and began with an attack by Sunni rebels on three Syrian army checkpoints around Houla. The checkpoints are designed to protect the Alawite villages around the mostly Sunni Houla, the German daily reported.

Reinforcements were sent by the Syrian Army and fighting went on for 90 minutes, during which dozens of soldiers and rebels were killed.

It was during these exchanges that the three villages of Houla were blocked off from the outside world. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote: According to eyewitnesses, the massacre took place during this time. Among the dead were almost exclusively families of the Alawite and Shia minorities of Houla, the population of which is made up of 90 percent Sunnis. Several dozen members of a family that had converted in recent years from the Sunni faith to Shia Islam were slaughtered. Also among the dead were members of the Alawite family Shomaliya and the family of a Sunni member of parliament who was regarded as a collaborator.

The report continued: Immediately after the massacre, the offenders are said to have filmed their victims, calling them Sunni victims, and distributed the videos via the Internet.

This account is a devastating refutation of the propaganda campaign waged by Washington, London and Paris, with the aid of the Syrian National Council, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and a pliant Western media.

On the day of the attacks, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, without evidence, condemned the Syrian governments unacceptable levels of violence and abuses, including the use of heavy weapons on civilian populations.

The regime noted that the massacre was timed to coincide with the visit of UN envoy Kofi Annan to Damascus. It charged that the mass killings were carried out to undermine the ceasefire Annan had negotiated. Soon after, the FSA, which is now accused of carrying out the massacre, said it would no longer respect the Annan peace plan. New demands for military intervention came thick and fast.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung article is given additional weight by a report in Spiegel Online from March 29 pointing to the widespread practice of summary execution carried out by the FSA. Spiegel interviewed a member of an opposition burial brigade who had executed four men by slitting their throats.

His victims included a Shiite soldier in the Syrian army, who had been beaten into a confession, or that he was terrified of death and had begun to stammer prayers.

The burial brigade kill and leave torture to others; thats what the so-called interrogation brigade is for, Speigel wrote.

That report noted that whereas an admitted 150 Syrian army prisoners have been executed, the executioners of Homs have been busier with traitors within their own ranks.

If we catch a Sunni spying, or if a citizen betrays the revolution, we make it quick, one oppositionist explained. According to Abu Rami, Husseins burial brigade has put between 200 and 250 traitors to death since the beginning of the uprising.

Also of immediate relevance are reports on the web site of the Monastery of St. James the Mutilated in Qara, Syria. On April 1, Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix wrote of an incident in the Khalidiya neighborhood in Homs in which the FSA gathered Christian and Alawite hostages in a building and blew it up. They then blamed the Syrian army.

The Al Amoura family in Al Durdak village, in the Homs area, was exterminated by Wahhabi terrorists. Forty-one people from this family had their throats slit in one day, she also reported.

Agnes-Mariam stated that of Homs one million inhabitants, two thirds of the population had fled, including over 90 percent of Christians, due to the activities of snipers and acts of criminal aggression against the Alawite and Christian minorities, Shiites, and many moderate Muslims who did not choose to participate in dissident activity.

She wrote that in numerous sectarian attacks people were mutilated, their throats slit, disembowelled, cut up, thrown in street corners or trash cans. They did not stop at shooting children at point-blank range to create distress and despair, as was the case with the young Sari, the nephew of our stonecutter. Such horrific acts were then exploited in the media to put responsibility on government forces.

Even without such corroborative accounts, the silence of the worlds media on the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung report is extraordinary. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is a respected, indeed conservative, publication, with a circulation in the hundreds of thousands and a daily readership in 148 countries. Yet no major newspaper took up its report, because they are all complicit in the dissemination of naked propaganda. There is literally nothing in the reports of the mainstream Western media that can be taken as good coin.

The most important question posed by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung report, however, is what role was played in the massacre by the United States itself. Clearly, given its own extensive contacts with the Free Syrian Army, and the political, financial and military backing for the FSA by Washingtons regional alliesSaudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkeythe Obama administration will have been well aware that the massacre was the work of anti-regime insurgents and not the Syrian army, even as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others called for additional action to be taken to depose Assad.

It is entirely possible that Houla was a massacre made in the USA.

US policy in Syria has from the start been based on the whipping up of a Sunni-based sectarian insurgency, with the aim of destabilising and deposing Assads Alawite regime. This, in turn, is linked to US preparations for a military attack on Iran, which would be further isolated in the Middle East with the demise of Assad, its major ally in the region.

With the experience of Bosnia and Kosovo to draw upon, this was done not merely in the certain knowledge that bloody internecine fighting would result, but with the intension of provoking civil conflict in order to provide a pretext for military intervention in humanitarian guise.

On Monday, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland expressed her concern about reports that the regime may be organising another massacre in Latakia province. People will be held accountable, she warned.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton escalated the crisis Tuesday, accusing Russia of sending attack helicopters to the Assad regime and charging Moscow with lying about its arms shipments.

The head of UN peace keeping operations, meanwhile, became the first United Nations official to describe the Syrian conflict as a civil war, and British Foreign Secretary William Hague, referring to the massacres at Houla and al-Qubair, denounced the Syrian government for committing grotesque crimes.
Syria 360
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: 14/06/2012 @ 21:12
Agenzia Fides reports: Ultimatum to Christians: "Leave Qusayr"

Dixit :
Qusayr (Agenzia Fides) - Exodus of Christians in the west of Syria: the Christian population has left the town of Qusayr, near Homs, following an ultimatum from the military chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Salam Harba. This is what local sources of Fides report, indicating that, following the outbreak of the conflict, out of the ten thousand faithful who lived in the town, only a thousand have remained, who have now been forced to flee in haste to fury. Some mosques in the city have re-launched the message, announcing from the minarets: "Christians must leave Qusayr within six days, which expires this Friday." The ultimatum, therefore, expired yesterday, June 8, and produced fear among the Christian population who had begun to hope again after the presence of Father Paolo Dall'Oglio, the Jesuit who stayed in Qusayr for a week, with the idea of "praying and fasting for peace in the midst of the conflict" (see Fides 30/5/2012).
The reasons for this ultimatum remain unclear. According to some, it serves to avoid more suffering to the faithful; other sources reveal "a continuity focused on discrimination and repression."

Still others argue that Christians have openly expressed their loyalty to the state and for this reason the opposition army drives them away. Now Christian families from Qusayr have begun their exodus of refugees in the valleys and the surrounding countryside. Some have taken refuge with relatives and friends in Damascus. Some families, very few, sought valiantly to stay in their home town, but no one knows what fate they will suffer. Fides sources insist that Islamic Salafist extremist groups, that are in the ranks of the armed opposition, consider Christians "infidels", they confiscate the goods, commit brief executions and are ready to start a "sectarian war". (PA) (Agenzia Fides 09/06/2012)

Dixit :
Qusayr (Agenzia Fides) - The Christian Maurice Bitar was killed in Qusayr, near the town of Homs where the Christian population - about a thousand people out of 10 thousand who lived there before the beginning of the violence - has been forced to flee after the 'ultimatum launched by an armed faction in the opposition forces led by General Abdel Salam Harba (see Fides 09/06/2012). As anticipated by Fides, some Christians, after the warning, however, chose to remain in Qusayr, exposing themselves to considerable risks. Maurice Bitar was killed by a sniper, with three other men while he was out of the house to buy bread for his family. The Christian inhabitants of Qusayr, local sources of Fides report, suffer harassment such as no vehicular access on streets and the obligation to "give way" if they meet a Muslim, "as in the days of the Ottoman caliphate," notes the source of Fides.

The armed opposition, in fact, as confirmed by numerous observers in Syria and abroad, is gradually radicalizing towards Sunni extremist ideology. There are numerous gangs and military groups that operate in a totally independent manner, outside the coordination of the Free Syrian Army. The ultimatum launched by the faction of Abdel Salam Harba, for example, was not ratified by other groups: in a statement sent to Fides, the coordination of the same Free Syrian Army, stationed at Qusayr, says it is "shocked by the news" and rejects the ultimatum, saying that it is not responsible and does not share it in any way. Two Catholic priests who fled in recent days from Qusayr, reached by Fides, confirm, however, that they heard "with their ears" of the ultimatum, repeated from the minarets of mosques, and left the city with many refugee families.

According to Fides sources, "the situation is unsustainable in the area and exposed to total lawlessness." Christians face a harsh reality: they either join the opposition, enlisting their young ones, or are victims of harassment, discrimination, violence. The fate of Christians in Qusary, concludes the source, could soon touch the 10 thousand faithful who live in other villages in the area, such as Dmeineh, Rableh and Hamra. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 12/6/2012)

Dixit :
Qusayr (Agenzia Fides) - A band of radical militiamen broke into the Greek-catholic church of St. Elias in Qusayr this morning, near the town of Homs, desecrating it. The militiamen forced the door, rang the bells in mockery, laughed at the sacred symbols of the Christian faith with the sole purpose of carrying out a demonstrative act and making a mockery of the Christian community. "It is the first time, in the ongoing conflict, that such an episode occurs, in which sacred symbols are deliberately hit," notes with concern a local source of Fides.

In Qusayr the Christians who have chosen to remain are very few, mostly elderly people who were unwilling to abandon their homes. In fact, in the ultimatum launched by an armed faction (see Fides 9 and 12/6/2012), in past days, about a thousand Christians, who were still in town, have abandoned their homes, taking refuge in the surrounding countryside or relatives in other Syrian cities. Some eyewitnesses "saddened and frightened told Fides about the break-in the church in Qusayr". The act was condemned by Catholic priests and authorities who talk about the "worrying sign, which confirms the attempt of some armed gangs to unleash a sectarian war." (PA) (Agenzia Fides 13/6/2012)

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: 15/06/2012 @ 13:38
The president Barack Obama, the adherent of Islam, set the United States, France, Great Britain in one boat with Islamic radicals, with Al-Qaeda's fighters, with murderers of children, women and old men, with destroyers of churches and mosques.

The Syrian competent authorities Arrest Al-Qaeda terrorist member who would have blown himself up during Friday prayers
Jun 15, 2012


DAMASCUS, SANA - The competent authorities on Thursday arrested terrorist Mohammad Houssam al-Sadaki, from al-Qaeda - Jabhat al-Nasra - who was planning to blow himself up inside al-Rifae mosque in Damascus during Friday prayers.

Al-Sadaki confessed that there are other persons supposed to explode themselves in a number of Damascus mosques today during Friday prayers.   

In statements, to be broadcasted in full   by Syrian Satellite T.V.   this evening, the terrorist al-Sadaki admitted that he met three persons inside a house at al-Tadamin Quarter in Damascus and was given an explosive vest as to explode himself inside al-Rifae Mosque during today's Friday noon Prayers when the Mosques are usually very crowded.

al-Sadaki added that has was assured that the persons involved would care about his family. Declaring that the members of the terrorist group have prepared a number of very young persons in more than a quarter in Damascus to explode themselves inside the Mosques of Damascus during Friday's Prayers.

Meantime, the competent authorities in Daraa' Governorate arrested a group of armed terrorists at Hit Village grottos and confiscated their weapons.

The authorities clashed with the terrorists, and killed and arrested scores of them.      
Mazen / Al-Ibrahim      
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: 2001

: 16/06/2012 @ 16:15
Esinoglu: CIA Recruited 6,000 Arabs, Afghans and Turks to Commit Terrorist Acts in Syria
Jun 15, 2012

ANKARA, SANA - Deputy Chairman of Turkey's Labour Party Bulent Esinoglu affirmed that the the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruited around 6,000 people of Arab, Afghan and Turkish nationalities to commit terrorist acts.

In an article published on Friday, Esinoglu said that it's not normal for Turks to fight in Syria and murder innocents on behalf of the United States, affirming that the US company Black Water is paying generous sums for its agents to commit murder and vandalism in Syria.

He said that Turkey's war against Syria is controlled by the US and Israel, which would effectively make the Turkish army a mercenary army that fights for money, pointing out that imperialistic countries are looking for people to sacrifice themselves for their sake.

He said that the Justice and Development Party government led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the first Turkish government to support and assist the west, calling for replacing this government to avoid potential wars.
H. Sabbagh      
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: 17/06/2012 @ 07:26
Hague admits Al-Qaeda presence in Syria

For the first time, the British Foreign Minister, William Hague, acknowledged Monday before the House of Commons that the group Al-Qaeda has carried out terrorist operations in Syria.

"We have reason to believe that terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda have committed attacks designed to increase the violence, with serious implications for international security," said Hague.

He also condemned the violation of human rights and sectarian attacks perpetrated by armed men in Syria.

The British Foreign Minister, in addition to emphasizing the need to implement the peace plan proposed by UN special envoy to the Arab League and Syria, Kofi Annan, added that in the coming weeks it would be necessary to witness a rise of international efforts to end the violence plaguing the Arab country.

Since mid-March 2011, Syria has lived through a wave of violence. However, Britain and other Western and Arab countries are calling for the intensification of unrest and terrorist attacks in order to pave the way for foreign military interference.

How this duplicitous pig can go in and make demands of Russia in his discussions today with Mr. Lavrov, knowing what he is beyound reprehensible and disgusting.   Hague is seeking Russian cooperation on a military intervention against Syria, still entirely blaming Assad's government for the violence, knowing that it is a lie.   Western countries are anxious to go it alone, if need be, with a full blown military assault to cause regime change aka a no-fly zone.

Translated from the Spanish version and appended by:

Lisa Karpova, Pravda.Ru
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: 17/06/2012 @ 07:41
ASIA/SYRIA - Appeal of the civilians in peril of their life in Homs: "Let us go!"


Homs (Agenzia Fides) - "Let us go, in God's name!" Is a desperate appeal by Christian families and Sunni Muslims trapped in the old town of Homs. We are talking about 800 civilians, including women, elderly, youth, children, disabled people who today refers one source of Fides engaged in negotiation attempts - "are in real danger. They have nothing, they live in panic, they are in the midst of bombing and fighting. "The families blocked in the city, said the source of Fides, launch an appeal "for humanitarian reasons", asking the help of the UN, Red Cross, Red Crescent, so that their lives can be saved.

The families are located in areas of Warsheh, Salibi, Bustan Diwan, Ozon, Hamidiyeh, Wadi Sayeh, all in the heart of Homs. Currently, the Syrian army would be available for a cease-fire to release the civilians, but a faction of rebels holed up in the city, headed by leading Abu Maan, refuses to consent. The militia, in fact, fear that, once the civilians are outside, the Syrian army can strengthen its offensive towards the city center. The situation is still stalled, but the condition of families worsens by the hour. The approximately 400 Christians are the last remaining of the more than 80 thousand who lived in Homs before the conflict. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 15/6/2012)

Agenzia Fides

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: 17/06/2012 @ 08:21
McCain Claims US Armed Libya Rebels To Make Case For Arming Syrians:
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: 19/06/2012 @ 09:35
Car bomber dies in Syria

Syrian security forces clashed Saturday with armed opposition groups in Damascus, the Syrian capital, and other parts of the country and killed Wallis Ahmad al-Ayesh, author of the recent car bomb attacks in Damascus.

Al-Ayesh, nicknamed Yasser, supervised all the car bombs that left a trail of blood in Damascus.

The first car bomb attack occurred last December at two security centers in Damascus, leaving many civilians and security members killed.   The last one took place last Thursday, in the south of the Syrian capital, and caused at least 14 injured and enormous damage to the mausoleum of Hazrat Zainab, granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad (P) in Damascus.

As a result of these clashes in different parts of the Arab country, Syrian security agents in the early hours of Saturday prevented an armed terrorist group from trying to penetrate through the border from Lebanon into Syrian territory.

In this operation, six terrorists were killed and four wounded.

In another clash, recorded in the Daraa region in southern Syria, two terrorists were killed and three people were injured, while Syrian forces seized a quantity of arms, ammunition and several homemade bombs.

In recent months, the U.S. and Israeli regimes have sent more weapons to terrorists by neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon and Turkey, in order to cause unrest in Syria.

From March 2011, Syria has gone through a bloody conflict that, according to Damascus, is the result of armed groups financed by the U.S. and its allies.

Moreover, the West accuses the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of killing his own people and seeks to push through various measures, including economic sanctions on the Syrian president to give up power.

Gas masks and chemicals made in Turkey, were found in Latakia.

It would appear that a scenario is being set up for terrorists to use chemical weapons in Syria -- then they will blame the Assad government.   Very suspicious, especially since the EU banned gas mask exports to Syria, which indicates they and perhaps other outside elements are involved.

According to Christoph Horstel, Portuguese paratroopers were captured in Syria.   He also reports that 40-60 Germans were captured along the Syrian coast when their vessel was trying to smuggle arms into the country.

The west refers to their terrorist proxies as "activists," more Orwellian doublespeak, similar to "humanitarian bombing" and "collateral damage."   Reportedly, 95% of the so called "activists" in Syria live outside Syria; hence, their reports and claims about the country should be taken for the total garbage that it is.

Also, don't look now, but the newest filth they are concocting is the Syrian Army using rape against their own people, which makes about as much sense as shooting off your own nose.   The details of the bogus reports will not be placed there, as they are so absurdly ridiculous.

Most should be familiar with the claims that the Libyan Army was filling up full of Viagra so that they could do the same, all proven to be total fabrication to create a sensation among certain population segments.

Translated from the Spanish version and appended by:

Lisa Karpova, Pravda.Ru
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: 19/06/2012 @ 14:59
Alaa Morlli to Syrian TV: I presented false information about situation in Lattakia to Al-Jazeera
Jun 19, 2012

DAMASCUS, SANA - The Syrian TV on Monday broadcast confessions for Alaa Mazen Morlli, from Jabala, Lattakia that she was involved, along with her colleague Nora Kanafani, in dealing with al-Jazeera TV, the partner in the Syrian bloodshed.

Alaa admitted that she presented untrue information about the situation in Lattakia, then she went to Turkey and was introduced to those who fund and provide gunmen with weapons and money. Later, she returned home with forged passport.

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: 21/06/2012 @ 09:22
US and France responsible for terrorism in Syria

"The U.S. and France, mainly responsible for the shedding of innocent blood in Syria"

Syrian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Faisal al-Meqdad, said Tuesday that the U.S. and French governments are responsible for the bloodshed of innocent people of Syria.

Al-Meqdad made ​​these remarks in an interview Tuesday on "Russia Today" television, referring to the support of these countries for armed terrorist groups.

The Syrian top diplomat stressed that the United States and France have equipped terrorist groups with modern weapons in order to create an unstable situation. Washington had confessed earlier that they have sent weapons to armed groups in Syria.

Referring to the peace plan of the Special Envoy of the United Nations Organization (UNO) and the Arab League (AL), Kofi Annan, Deputy Minister of the Arab country said that "the Syrian government has worked for the peace plan and continues to do so."

He also referred to the recent clashes between the Syrian army and armed groups in different parts of Syria, and said that the Syrian army has the ability and power to stabilize and restore peace and tranquility to the country.

On Saturday, the head of the observer mission sent to Syria, Norwegian General Robert Mood, informed of the temporary suspension of the mission, which aimed to monitor compliance with the ceasefire specified in the Annan peace plan.

One of Mood's main arguments to suspend the mission was the fact that observers were in danger in the Arab country due to terrorist groups.

Translated from the Spanish version by:

Lisa Karpova, Pravda.Ru
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