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Humanitarian disaster in Ukraine
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Заголовок : Humanitarian disaster in Ukraine
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10-11.06.2014 Breaking news

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Video: Slavyansk, funeral of the lost fighters of anti-fascist Resistance

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создано: 12/06/2014 @ 09:59
Video: Slavyansk, 12.06.2014. The Ukrainian army fires at unsubdued Slavyansk by incendiary bombs. Phosphorus is an essential component of the Ukrainian bombs

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создано: 12/06/2014 @ 10:13
Video: According to the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, all inhabitants of Southeast Ukraine, those who will survive from them, will be placed in filtration concentration camps

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Video: Slavyansk, 11.06.2014. The so-called National guard of the Kiev fascist Junta of Ukraine destroyed the bus carrying humanitarian freight to Slavyansk from Donetsk. 50 children of Slavyansk expected to leave Slavyansk by this bus. The statement of the Ukrainian dictator Petro Poroshenko about humanitarian corridors and the help to refugees are the declaration for the western public but it isn't the order for Army of the Ukrainian fascists


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Ukraine's armed forces launche first ever incendiary raid against Slavyansk suburbs

12 June 2014, 09:35

A village of Semenovka near the Ukraine's eastern restive city of Slavyansk appears to have been targeted for a fire-bomb attack on Wednesday night, a source at the local self-defense headquarters told RIA Novosti Thursday. "Late on Wednesday, Semenovka came under attack that apparently involved fire bombs. They exploded right above the village and split into smoldering fragments," an eyewitness said.

Fires were reported to flare up all across Semenovka, the eastern suburb of Slavyansk that sits on one of the major roads to the city.

Its unfortunate location has turned the village into a battleground for Ukrainian troops.

The shelling around Slavyansk is said to be continuing, although the incident in Semenovka is the first time that the Ukrainian military has used incendiary bombs against the civil population in the turbulent Donetsk region.

Slavyansk is situated close to the region's capital Donetsk, a flashpoint city that became the capital of the recently proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR).

Violence in southeastern Ukraine has been on the rise since the beginning of a punitive operation launched by Kiev authorities in mid-April, and has claimed hundreds of casualties.

The operation came after the People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk declared themselves independent following a May 11 referendum, and started to form governments and law enforcement agencies.

Military activities were halted during the May 25 presidential elections, only to resume on May 26.

Artillery and aviation have struck civilian sites, and many peaceful residents have become victims of the conflict.

Moscow has repeatedly called on Kiev to stop its military operation and start a direct dialogue with independence supporters.

The Voice of Russia

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создано: 12/06/2014 @ 15:28
Moscow demands Ukraine open humanitarian corridors - Kremlin chief of staff

12 June 2014, 12:19

Russia demands that Ukraine open humanitarian corridors in the southeastern part of the country, where armed hostilities are under way between Ukrainian government forces and the local 'militia', Russian presidential chief of staff Sergei Ivanov said. "Russia will demand that Ukraine open humanitarian corridors, which it promised to do," Ivanov told journalists on Thursday.

Despite the lack of such corridors, "people are still managing to cross the border, and we are naturally providing them with assistance in accommodation," Ivanov said.

"It's very pleasing to me that our people are taking refugees in to their homes, and they are doing this selflessly," which shows that warm relations between Russians and Ukrainians still exist, Ivanov said.

"It looks like the same genetic code plays the role," he said.

Humanitarian corridor for Slavyansk residents not opened - Donetsk administration

A humanitarian corridor for Slavyansk residents, as promised by Ukraine's President Petr Poroshenko has failed to appear, according to the Donetsk People's Republic administration. "A humanitarian corridor in Slavyansk to enable civilians to leave the city has still not been opened. Moreover, military action is ongoing in the city," Denis Pushilin, head of the Supreme Council of the Donetsk People's Republic, told Interfax.

The press service for the Donetsk People's Republic, for its part, assumed that "Ukrainian army generals do not report to Petr Poroshenko".

The Voice of Russia   

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создано: 12/06/2014 @ 17:31
Military intelligence reports about delivery of containers with the artillery shells containing the chemical weapon, to the mountain Karachun near Slavyansk. Containers with the chemical weapon have marking of army of the USA. The Russian military experts confirmed that the Ukrainian fascist army used artillery shells with a phosphoric stuffing during a shelling of Slavyansk last night.

The Ukrainian senior officer reported anonymously that the phosphoric weapon are absent in the Ukrainian Army. These bombs were delivered from the USA. The shelling of Slavyansk phosphoric shells on the eve of June 12 is Petro Porashenko's gift to the Russian population of Slavyansk on the occasion of the Russian Day.
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создано: 12/06/2014 @ 17:57
OSCE’s Lamberto Zannier arrives in Russian camp for refugees from Ukraine

June 12, 13:31 UTC+6

About 15,000 refugees had crossed the border between Ukraine and Russia already

NEKLINOVSKY DISTRICT /Rostov region/, June 12. /ITAR-TASS/. OSCE’s Secretary General Lamberto Zannier has arrived in the Rostov region, where over 300 refugees from Ukraine have found shelter.

The visit’s program is not published. He is expected to see how refugees live there.

“We would like to ask OSCE’s secretary general to undertake everything possible to help us return home. We are very grateful to Russia for the support, we were welcomed here just wonderfully, but anyway we want to return home. We want this war to be over,” Natalia, a refugee, a mother of two children told ITAR-TASS.

Head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic’s Supreme Council Denis Pushilin said on Thursday about 15,000 refugees had crossed the border between Ukraine and Russia already.


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создано: 12/06/2014 @ 17:59
Russia presents to UN Security Council draft resolution on situation in Ukraine

June 12, 16:48 UTC+6

Moscow demands immediate investigation into the use of incendiary bombs and other prohibited weapons in Ukraine

Russia presents to UN Security Council draft resolution on situation in Ukraine, where calls for immediate stopping of violence, Russia's Foreign Ministry reports.

“We are not speaking about peacekeepers. We do not believe it is high time,” Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters. He believes Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko still keeps the credibility.

Moscow demands immediate investigation into the use of incendiary bombs and other prohibited weapons in Ukraine, Russia's Foreign Minister said.

“We are concerned to hear reports that the Ukrainian military forces use incendiary bombs and some other indiscriminate weapons,” he said. “These reports should be probed into urgently.

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8.06.2014 parents took away children in an air-raid shelter during a shelling of Slavyansk. The empty seat for parents didn't appear in an air-raid shelter and parents were out of an air-raid shelter. One of artillery shells flew in this air-raid shelter and parents became witnesses of death all of them children! Today 60 thousand people, 3 thousand children from them, remain in blockade Slavyansk. Slavyansk is deprived of power supply, water supply. Stocks of the food come to an end in Slavyansk. The world community is the witness of death of inhabitants of Slavyansk, Guernica of 21st century, and the World community does nothing for rescue of inhabitants of Slavyansk as the World Community is afraid the United States of America, the main trustee of the Kiev fascist Junta of Ukraine.      
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создано: 13/06/2014 @ 01:07
Urgent news arrive from Slavyansk. Two buses with children were fired by so-called National Guard of the Kiev fascist Junta in attempt to escape from Slavyansk. One bus turned over. Buses had inscriptions "Children" and had white flags. Some people sustained injuries. The Ukrainian fascists finally flew into a rage at encouragement of Washington and Berlin.
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создано: 13/06/2014 @ 08:44
Video: Slavyansk, 12.06.2014, 14:35. The Ukrainian fascist army bombs Slavyansk by phosphoric bombs. You watch consequences of bombing of Slavyansk by phosphoric bombs. Phosphoric bombs are the weapons of mass destruction forbidden by the international conventions
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создано: 13/06/2014 @ 11:03
Collective appeal of Donbass mothers to all peace-loving people
We, mothers of the East of Ukraine, are appealing to you, politicians, public figures and the whole global community for help in remedying the situation in Donbass.   

Protection of life and health is one of the key activities of Ukraine as a welfare state. In accordance with Clause 27 of the Constitution of Ukraine, every person has an inalienable right to live. The right boils down to the fact that no one shall be intentionally deprived of life. Besides, Clause 3 stipulates that the state is obliged to protect the lives of its citizens.
We just want to live! We, ordinary people: husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters.   

We, peaceful civilians, are the hostages of the conflict in our region, the victims of military clashes.   

We are tired of fear and crave for peace. We want to live in our houses, walk along the streets of our cities, work at the companies and organizations of our region, farm our land. We have toiled away to create what is being destroyed before our very eyes. We have been building a peaceful, calm and secure life for our families with enormous diligence and faith.   

But it was all gone in a moment… Now the bullets of the conflicting camps are showering the most sacred part of everybody’s life – children! The sight of ruined and derelict buildings of hospitals, pharmacies, educational establishments, churches is heart-wrenching… The panes of our windows are lined with paper to reduce the vibration of exploding shells. Our children have learnt to fall silent, stop playing and hide in no time…   
We do not know who to write to and which door to knock on to be heard. Still, we believe that you will respond to our call for help. Our hearts are full of despair, but deep down, there is a glimmer of hope that blood will no more be shed.   

If you are unaware of the mass killing of peaceful inhabitants of our cities, it does not mean that it is not taking place!   

The situation in Donbass is the reflection of chaos that has engulfed our country. The civilian population is involved in a cruel and mindless conflict. Soon the citizens of one country will start shedding each other’s blood not on the basis of ideological clashes but to revenge their dead relatives and friends. And this merciless conflict is unfolding in the heart of Europe!   

The Ukrainian government is not fulfilling its duties of protecting the safety of its citizens in the area affected by the anti-terrorist operation.

Our children die, our homes lie in ruins, the physical and psychological well-being of Donbass inhabitants is at risk… Who will be held responsible for the absurd deaths, who will compensate for the damage, who will prevent further casualties?!   

We, mothers of Donbass, insist on putting and immediate stop to the anti-terrorist operation and any military actions in our region! We are appealing for your assistance and the mediation of the whole global community in settling the negotiation between the conflicting camps on the territory of our homeland!   

We are sure that the conflict in our country can be peacefully resolved!   

Stop the war! Avert children’s deaths! Save the people of Donbass!   

1. Tatyana Galkina Donetsk   
2. Elena Kovtun, Donetsk   
3. Svetlana Kolsnichenko, Donetsk   
4. Maria Borisova, Donetsk   
5. Natalia Kuyda, Donetsk   
6. Elena Vinevskaya, Donetsk   
7. Maxim Tokmakov, Makeyevka   
8. Tatiana Hvastova, Donetsk   
9. Victoria Nikulina, Yenakievo   
10. Nadezhda Zhogoleva, Donetsk   
11. Julia Efremenkova, Donetsk   
12. Dmitry Efremenkov, Donetsk   
13. Balakayeva Svitlana, Donetsk   
14. Irina Seregina, Donetsk.   
15. Angelica Bespalaya, Kurahovo   
16. Galina Pletneva, Donetsk   
17. Inna Sukhareva, Donetsk   
18. Marina Ivanova, Donetsk   
19. Irina Antonova, Donetsk   
20. Olga Melnik, Donetsk   
21. Irina Nevmerzhitskaya, Donetsk   
22. Aleksander Nevmerzhitskiy, Donetsk   
23. Olga Zuevskaya, Donetsk   
24. Natalia Paramonova, Donetsk   
25. Alla Oberemok, Donetsk   
26. Oksana Goloshchapova, Donetsk   
27. Irina Klimchuk, Donetsk   
28. Elena Istomin, Donetsk   
29. Lyudmila Istomina, Donetsk   
30. Andrei Istomin, Donetsk   
31. Elena Mishustina, Makeyevka   
32. Tatyana Zhukova, Donetsk   
33. Tatiana Shtukarina, Donetsk   
34. Alexander Shtukarin, Donetsk   
35. Anna Shtukarina, Donetsk   
36. Olga Chuprina, g.Slavyansk   
37. Chuprin Maxim Valeriyovych, Slavyansk   
38. Gorshenina Anisiya Alexandrovna Slavyansk   
39. Lipovetskaya Natalia E., Donetsk   
40. Chuprin Eugene Valeriyovych, Donetsk   
41. Chuprina Nadezhda, Donetsk   
42. Shvidka Olga V., Donetsk   
43. Pudova Olga, Donetsk   
44. Dibrova Olga, Donetsk.   
45. Butenko Viktoria, Donetsk   
46. Sergey Butenko, Donetsk   
47. Efremenko Tatiana, Donetsk   
48. Degtyareva Irina, Donetsk   
49. Kozar Anna Nikolaevna, Makeyevka   
50. Kozar Nikolai Ivanovich, Makeyevka   
51. Kozar Vera D., Makeyevka   
52. Nashchekina Victoria N., Makeyevka   
53. Bezverkhnyaya Oksana A., Donetsk (residing in the Russian Federation)   
54. Bezverhny Roman Borisovich, Donetsk (residing in the Russian Federation)   
55. Bezverkhnyaya Svetlana, Donetsk   
56. Bezverhny Boris, Donetsk   
57. Storchak Anna Ivanovna, Donetsk   
58. Istomina Natalia, Donetsk   
59. Oberemok Anton Nikolaevich, s.Zoryanoe, Mariynskoe district   
60. Golban Yana, Donetsk   
61. Yulia Orlova, Donetsk   
62. Sergei Orlov, Donetsk   
63. Eskova Lyudmila, Donetsk   
64. Eskov Sergei, Donetsk   
65. Oleg Veselov, Donetsk   
66. Buleeva Svetlana, Donetsk   
67. Gritchenko Julia, Donetsk   
68. Perepelitsa Tatiana, Donetsk   
69. Valentina Boyko, Donetsk   
70. Migda Maria, Donetsk   
71. Mishina Svetlana Gorlovka   
72. Basistaya Inna Gorlovka   
73. Krivko Anastasiya, Donetsk   
74. Salabuta Marina, Donetsk   
75. Pavlova Victoria, Donetsk   
76. Andrey Pavlov, Donetsk   
77. Torokhtii Olga, Donetsk   
78. Krivolap Svetlana, Donetsk   
79. Boryaeva Alla, Donetsk   
80. Buts Natalia, Donetsk   
81. Budzinskaya Elena, Makeyevka,   
82. Larina Elena, Donetsk   
83. Natalia Sokolova, Donetsk   
84. Natalia Novakova, Donetsk   
85. Kerstynyuk Svetlana, Donetsk   
86. Raisa Shevchenko, Donetsk   
87. Agafonova Lyudmila, Donetsk   
88. Badaeva Elena, Donetsk   
89. Lisitsyna Olga, Donetsk   
90. Matyukhina Elena, Donetsk   
91. Shabanova Neonila, Donetsk   
92. Hatyushina Lyudmila, Donetsk   
93. Pleshakova Tatiana, Donetsk   
94. Kobzar Aza, Donetsk   
95. CHVIKOVA Tatiana, Donetsk   
96. Shulzhenko Tatiana, Donetsk   
97. Selivanova Anastasia, Donetsk   
98. Chubar Victoria, Donetsk   
99. Miroshnichenko Julia, Donetsk   
100. Beglova Svetlana, Kramatorsk   
101. Anchukova Olga, Donetsk.   
102. Kotsiuba Albina Donetsk   
103. Suhanin Vladimir, Dnepropetrovsk   
104. Olga Petrenko, Donetsk   
105. Werych Yulia, Donetsk   
106. Chizhinkova Elena, Makeyevka   
107. Chizhinkov Sergei, Makeyevka   
108. Elena Rudenko, Makeyevka   
109. Yuri Rudenko, Makeyevka   
110. Gentle Victoria, Donetsk   
111. Yusubova Natalia, Avdeevka   
112. Meleschenko Anna, Donetsk   
113. Valentina Yakovenko, Donetsk   
114. Lepeshkina Marina Yasinovataya   
115. Alesinkova Victoria, Donetsk   
116. Solodovnikova Victoria, Donetsk   
117. Vorozheykina Tatiana, Khartsyzsk   
118. Chernyshev Vitaly Khartsyzsk   
119. Dronova Anastasia, Donetsk   
120. Berzegova Marina, Donetsk   
121. Berzegova Galina, Donetsk   
122. Minkina Tatiana, Donetsk   
123. Minkin Maxim, Donetsk   
124. Gnatenko Valentina, Donetsk   
125. Kushnerenko Elena, Makeyevka   
126. Dobryak Julia, Krasnoarmeysk   
127. Plys Olga, Donetsk   
128. Plys Vladimir, Donetsk   
129. Plys Raisa, Donetsk   
130. Musatova Tatiana, Makeyevka   
131. Ponomareva Svetlana, Makeyevka   
132. Limar Natalia, s.Zoryanoe Maryinskiy borough   
133. Limar Andrey, s.Zoryanoe Maryinskiy borough   
134. Kudina Anna, Donetsk   
135. Beshulya Natalia, Donetsk   
136. Beshulya Love Donetsk   
137. Daria Nescheretnaya, Kramatorsk   
138. Barzakova Yevgeniya, pgt.Kurahovka Selydivska borough   
139. Barzakov Roman Alexandrovich pgt.Kurahovka Selydivska borough   
140. Zelenin Valeria, Donetsk   
141. Zelenina Olga, Donetsk   
142. Shapiro Yaroslav, Donetsk   
143. Molchanova Tatiana, Makeyevka   
144. Zubenko Oksana, Makeyevka   
145. Ponomareva Victoria, Donetsk   
146. Ganzherli Larisa, Donetsk   
147. Ganzherli Alexei, Donetsk   
148. Kharchin Alexei, Donetsk   
149. Kharchina Svetlana, Donetsk   
150. Prilipko Anna, Donetsk   
151. Tuboltseva Tatiana, Slavyansk   
152. Panchehina Evdokia, Krasnogorovka Maryinskiy area   
153. Bubnova Irina, Donetsk   
154. Uzun Marina, Donetsk   
155. Danchuk Tatiana, Donetsk   
156. Andrei Bubnov, Donetsk   
157. Ryzhkova Tatiana, Donetsk   
158. Krasnokutskaya Svetlana Donetsk   
159. Anatoly Popov Stakhanov, Lugansk region   
160. Popova Lyubov Stakhanov, Lugansk region   
161. Rudnichenko Anna Makeyevka   
162. Ryltsova Natalia Makeyevka   
163. Bоvan Lyubov, Donetsk   
164. Bоvan Denis, Donetsk   
165. Plekhova Elena, Makeyevka   
166. Mizernaya Anna, Donetsk   
167. Golubnichaya Nadezhda, Donetsk   
168. Mizernaya Tatiana, Shakhtarsk Donetsk region   
169. Novoseltseva Oksana, Donetsk   
170. Novosel Alexander, Donetsk   
171. Korotich Ksenia, Donetsk   
172. Oxrimenko Dmitryi, Donetsk   
173. Korotich Victor Dobropole   
174. Kuklenko Tanya, Dobropole   
175. Butenko Olga, Donetsk   
176. Trofimov Svyatoslav, Donetsk   
177. Sergey Butenko, Donetsk   
178. Butenko Lyubov Krasnoarmeysk Donetsk region.   
179. Butenko Alexander Krasnoarmeysk Donetsk region.   
180. Marina Belova, Donetsk   
181. Nikolai Belov Donetsk   
182. Poschen Svetlana Khartsyzk   
183. Poschen Andrew Khartsyzsk   
184. Kolotova Julia, Makeyevka   
185. Kolotov Ivan, Donetsk   
186. Shulga Anna, Donetsk   
187. Bodnja Dmitry, Donetsk   
188. Lichmanenko Elena, Donetsk   
189. Lichmanenko Valentina, Debaltsevo Donetsk region.   
190. Baskakova Maria, Donetsk   
191. Gershun Inna, Makeyevka   
192. Guletskaya Lily, Donetsk   
193. Sanina Irina, Donetsk   
194. Sarakueva Zalina, Donetsk   
195. Erzakova Kateryna, Donetsk   
196. Yulia Skrypnyk, Donetsk   
197. Shinkarenko Olga, Donetsk   
199. Malohvey Anna A., Donetsk   
200. Kizimova Tatiana, Makeyevka   
201. Olga Panchenko, Yasinovataya   
202. Darsaniya Anna, Donetsk   
203. Svetlana Schultz, Donetsk   
204. Kalmikova Kateryna, Donetsk   
205. Basova Marina, Donetsk   
206. Soldatenkova Elena, Donetsk   
207. Serikova Katerina Donetsk   
208. Galina Kiseleva, Donetsk   
209. Larionenko Alexander Donetsk   
210. Develioglu Natalia, Moscow Donetsk   
211. Troyan Galina, Makeyevka   
212. Ekaterina Egorova, Makeyevka   
213. Salivon Anna, Donetsk   
214. Prishva Victoria Avdeevka Donetsk region   
215. Yulia Shevchenko, Donetsk   
216. Andrei Nikitin, Donetsk   
217. Nikitinа Lyubov, Donetsk   
218. Strukova Oksana, Donetsk   
219. Irina Reznik, Donetsk   
220. Martinenko Anastasia, Donetsk   
221. Nikitenko Anna, Makeyevka   
222. Tunde Tatiana Makeevka   
223. Olga Lysenko, g.Ugledar   
224. Gusakova Lina V., Donetsk   
225. Radish Vladimir A. Donetsk   
226. Elena Semenova, Makeyevka   
227. Olga Kiseleva, Donetsk   
228. Heinz Olga Yenakievo   
229. Natalia Ivanova, Donetsk   
230. Sukhanov Evgenii, Donetsk   
231. Tatyana Ivanova, Donetsk   
232. Gorgul Andrei Ivanovich, Kramatorsk   
233. Kapustina Oksana, Donetsk   
234. Berezan Irina, Donetsk   
235. Postavnaya Natalia, Donetsk   
236. Postavnoy Alexander, Donetsk   
237. Davidova Evgenia , Donetsk   
238. Karpova Liliya, Donetsk   
239. Bitutskaya Natalia, Donetsk   
240. Masalova Julia, Donetsk   
241. Shevchuk Svetlana, Donetsk   
242. Likholit Alla, Donetsk   
243. Lysenko Vera, Donetsk   
244. Kuida Natalia, Donetsk   
245. Vovk Olga, Donetsk   
246. Frolova Tatyana, Donetsk   
247. Shelykhina Julia, Gorlovka   
248. Boyko Tatyana, Slavyansk   
249. Staneva Oksana, Donetsk   
250. Raznochintseva Elena. Donetsk   
251. Raznochintsev Dmitriy, Donetsk   
252. Globa Aleksandra, Gorlovka   
253. Sadovnichenko Elena, Makeevka   
254. Nepeklo Nataliya, Makeevka   
255. Golubkova Olga, Makeevka   
256. Yerzakova Katerina, Donetsk   
257. Mashchenko Olga, Makiyivka   
258. Kravchenko Ekaterina, Donetsk   
259. Spyrydonova Anzhelika, Donetsk   
260. Spyrydonov Mykola, Donetsk   
261. Mostovаyа Elenа, Donetsk   
262. Mostovoy Oleg, Donetsk   
263. Volkova Olena, Donetsk   
264. Volkov Dmytro, Donetsk   
265. Churilova Kateryna, Donetsk   
266. Gadzhun Natalia, Donetsk   
267. Gadzhun Alexander, Donetsk   
268. Shevchenko Olga, Donetsk   
269. Kolobaeva Inna, Makeevka   
270. Zinkevich Julia, Donetsk   
271. Romanenko Olena, Donetsk   
272. Hrytsai Olena, Makeevka   
273. Shlykova Nina, Donetsk   
274. Mokhovykh Olga, Makeevka   
275. Mokhovykh Victoria, Makeevka   
276. Yaremenko Olga, Donetsk   
277. Zhurina Kateryna, Donetsk   
278. Gubareva Tatyana, Donetsk   
279. Mokra Inessa, Donetsk   
280. Gomonova Aljona Vladimirovna, Khartsizsk   
281. Arystova Nataliya, Donetsk   
282. Arystova Eugeniya, Donetsk   
283. Saveliev Andriy, Donetsk   
284. Vlasenko Olena, Donetsk   
285. Mazina Yana, Donetsk   
286. Pshenychna Ganna, Donetsk   
287. Pshenychyy Roman, Donetsk   
288. Bilyk Iryna, Donetsk   
289. Bilyk Volodymir, Donetsk   
290. Mironova Yulia, Donetsk   
291. Mizina Lidia, Donetsk   
292. Bryukhovetskaya Elena, Makeyevka   
293. Efimova Olesya, Donetsk   
294. Efimov Valery, Donetsk   
295. Kolesova Nataliya, Makeevka   
296. Basova Elena, Donetsk   
297. Sidorina Irina, Donetsk   
298. Medvedyeva Tetyana, Donetsk   
299. Medvedyev Oleksandr, Donetsk   
300. Medvedyeva Svitlana, Donetsk   
301. Sideleva Julia, Donetsk   
302. Guzii Ksenia, Donetsk   
303. Klimenko Irina, Makeevka   
304. Klimenko Aleksandr, Makeevka   
305. Tretuakova Eugenia, Donetsk   
306. Sinyova Tatyana, Donetsk   
307. Vasilieva Marina, Donetsk   
308. Vasiliev Andriy, Donetsk   
309. Agafonova Elena, Makiivka   
310. Romanenko Olga, Donetsk   
311. Yasharova Tatiana, Donetsk   
312. Ivashkova Ilona, Donetsk   
313. Panarina Yana, Donetsk   
314. Ignatova lubov, Donetsk   
315. Drakonova Anna, Donetsk   
316. Slyadneva Nadezhda, Donetsk   
317. Lukina Tetyana, Donetsk   
318. Ryabikh Yelena, Donetsk   
319. Ryabikh Denis, Donetsk   
320. Malykhina Kristina, Donetsk   
321. Malykhin Aleksаndr, Donеtsk   
322. Novozhilova Viktoria Donetsk   
323. Palchak Elena, Donetsk   
324. Lisichenko Oksana, Donetsk   
325. Kudryacheva Tatyana, Donetsk   
326. Chapny Marina, Donetsk   
327. Kalmykova Natalia, Donetsk   
328. Karnaukh Alina, Donetsk   
329. Khomenko Nelli, Donetsk   
330. Fedchuk Anna Nikolaevna, Donetsk   
331. Fedchuk Gennady G., Donetsk   
332. Fedchuk Alexander, Donetsk   
333. Fedchuk Alex G., Donetsk   
334. Lyhnenko Natalia, Gorlovka   
335. Vynovet Anna, Makeevka   
336. Efremova Evgeniya, Makeevka   
337. Poluhina Tatyana, Donetsk   
338. Кlimenko Malvina, Donetsk   
339. Bespuerstova Tatyana, Donetsk   
340. Popova Elena, Donetsk   
341. Lishtovan Anna, Yenakievo   
342. Lapteva Maria, Donetsk   
343. Aulasevich Katsiaryna, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus   
344. Klimnyuk Mariya, Yenakieve   
345. Klimnyuk Sergey, Yenakieve   
346. Morozova Inna, Donetsk   
347. Morozov Alexey, Donetsk   
348. Romanenko Denis, Donetsk   
349. luschenko Helen, Makeevka   
350. Maricheva Larisa, Donetsk   
351. Knyazkina Ljudmila, Donetsk   
352. Maricheva Anastasiya, Donetsk   
353. Dovzhenko Sergey, Donetsk   
354. Fedchuk Anna Nykolaevna, Donetsk   
355. Lebowa Nadezhda V., Donetsk   
356. Zabotnov Valentine Prokofyevna Donetsk   
357. Lebow George V., Donetsk   
358. Lebow Alexander, Donetsk   
359. Zabotnov Tatyana, Donetsk   
360. Nikolaeva Natalia, Donetsk   
361. Buy Irina, Donetsk   
362. Zheryakova Natalia, Donetsk   
363. Viktoriya Aleksandrova, Donetsk   
364. Bondar Olena, Donetsk   
365. Kovalenko Marina, Donetsk   
366. Popova Tatiana, Donetsk   
367. Buyan Anna, Makeevka   
368. Posokhov Roman, Makeevka   
369. Shvedkina Oksana, Mariupol   
370. Samarina Elena, Donetsk   
371. Turta Elina, Donetsk   
372. Dorodneva Olga, Donetsk   
373. Kravchenko Olga, Donetsk   
374. Valeria Koval, Avdeevka   
375. Kubareva Elena, Makeyevka   
376. Mudraya Lyudmila, Donetsk   
377. Siritsa Nina S., Donetsk   
378. Valeriya Sheykina, Donetsk   
379. Vladimir Yalovoy, Donetsk   
380. Grizunova Alla Donetsk   
381. Radchenko Darya, Donetsk   
382. Radchenko Artem, Donetsk   
383. Avramenko Irina, Donetsk   
384. Kruchenenko Еlena, Mariupol   
385. Schetinina Ganna, Donetsk   
386. Dronova Lilija, Konstantinovka   
387. Dronov Oleg, Konstantinovka   
388. Terzieva Oksana, Donetsk   
389. Orlova Mariya, Donetsk   
390. Semenets Arina, Donetsk   
391. Novozhilova Kristina, Donetsk   
392. Yaremchuk Irina, Donetsk   
393. Malykhina Katerina, Gorlovka   
394. Malykhin Evgeniy, Gorlovka   
395. Panchuk Olga, Donetsk   
396. Pavlova Antonina, Donetsk   
397. Shvedkina Oksana, Mariupol   
398. Snitko Svetlana, Donetsk   
399. Snitko Sergey, Donetsk   
400. Chinkova Oksana,Donetsk   
401. Dainekina Galina,Donetsk   
402. Veselovskaya Natalya, Donetsk   
403. Rodzina Svetlana,Donetsk   
404. Melnikova Irina, Donetsk   
405. Scherak Irina, Artoymovsk   
406. Ivantsova Olga Donetsk   
407. Potapenko Maryna, Donetsk   
408. Kholtobina Olga, Donetsk   
409. Vashchenko Alexey, Donetsk   
410. Novytskaya Taya, Donetsk   
411. Vashchenko Julia, Donetsk   
412. Ulayeva Maryana, Donetsk   
413. Gudzik Lesya,Donetsk
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создано: 13/06/2014 @ 16:52

Video: Mariupol, 13.06.2014. The American officer is commander of the soldiers of the Kiev fascist Junta of Ukraine   
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создано: 14/06/2014 @ 20:05
Now so-called National Guard of the Kiev fascist Junta of Ukraine carries out shelling of the city hospital. There are victims. The fascists carries out shelling of hospital in revenge for the transport plane IL-76 destroyed during a landing at the airport of Lugansk.   
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создано: 15/06/2014 @ 09:38
Yesterday representatives of the International Red Cross brought a small amount of medicines to Slavyansk. Medical institutions, hospital, maternity hospital, were the main targets for repeated shelling of Slavyansk in the evening. Medicines and the food come to an end in the besieged Slavyansk. Water is delivered to the city periodically and people are built in turn at o'clock of breaks between shellings of Slavyansk. 60 thousand civilians remained to live in Slavyansk. The army of the Ukrainian fascists interferes with evacuation of children from Slavyansk. Each departure of buses from Slavyansk happens to children after intelligence and bloody fight. Elderly inhabitants of Slavyansk and disabled people have no physical forces for flight in an air-raid shelter during shelling. Many people meet death on the beds.
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создано: 15/06/2014 @ 20:54
At 3 o'clock in the morning the so-called National Guard of the Kiev fascist Junta struck blow to the sleeping city of Amvrosiyevka of Donetsk region by jet systems of volley fire "Grad". The volley is made from the settlement Voykovsky. Explosions went from bus station to the southeast by a continuous wave. 23 houses, including hospital and kindergarten, were destroyed. The total of victims isn't known as corpses are taken from ruins still. Fighters of self-defenses of Southeast Ukraine were absent in Amvrosiyevk as the city kept a neutrality and didn't show resistance to Army of the Ukrainian fascists.

As the USA and the European Union issued the ticket to the Kiev Fascist Junta of Ukraine for any crimes, the Ukrainian fascists aren't limited to any moral borders. Barack Obama and Angela Merkel as the main sponsors of the Kiev fascist Junta, divide responsibility for war crimes of the Ukrainian fascist dictator Petro Poroshenko.

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создано: 15/06/2014 @ 20:59
13 thousand Ukrainian refugees, mothers with children generally drove to the Russian Federation within last days. Despite that the Kiev fascist Junta of Ukraine creates various obstacles for entry of the Ukrainian children into Russia.
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создано: 16/06/2014 @ 16:33
Ukrainian dud munitions found on Russian territory near western border - Border Guard Service

16 June 2014, 12:39

Ukrainian dud munitions have been found near the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Rostov region, the Border Guard Department of the Russian Federal Security Service for the Rostov region said in a release issued on Monday.

"Residents of the Russian village of Primiussky, which is located one kilometer from the state border, found three unexploded mines on Sunday after Ukrainian troops used artillery on Ukrainian populated areas located close to the border.

The mines clearly came from the territory of Ukraine and they do not look like WWII-era ammunition," the report says.

Officials from the Border Guard Department provided appropriate information to their colleagues in the law enforcement agencies. Measures have been taken to prevent people's presence near the hazardous finds.

Mine disposal experts from the Defense Ministry, the police, and the Russian Investigative Committee have now come to the site.

The Voice of Russia

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