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Russian-Ukrainian border
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Заголовок : Russian-Ukrainian border
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All schools of the independent republics of Donbass were prepared for transition to the Russian program of training since September 1. All school students of the Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic are provided with the Russian school textbooks. Russian-language textbooks and books, and also school supplies and stationery for children of Donbass are collected by Muscovites within the action "Books in the Native Language for Children of Donbass". The orthodox community of the Syrian city of Homs supported a humanitarian action of Imperial orthodox Palestinian society of Russia. Syrians and Libyans, the victims of the American aggression, living in Moscow, also made the feasible contribution to formation of humanitarian aid for children of Donbass.      
We will remind, the fascist junta of Ukraine, which came to the power with assistance of the USA and the EU, organized blockade of Russian-speaking East-Ukrainian regions. Receipt of the Ukrainian textbooks to Donbass is stopped on a personal initiative of the Ukrainian dictator Poroshenko. As the dictator Poroshenko told: "The Ukrainian children will go to school and kindergartens, but children of Donbass will sit in air-raid shelters." (you look his speach here - This circumstance compelled teachers to refuse training according to the Ukrainian school program in all territory of Donbass.       
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